JVC Hallmark Foundations

JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Limited a rapidly growing Real Estate Development company based in Tambaram-Gateway of Chennai is better known for its architectural excellence, impeccable efficiency, and remarkable management at every single stage of property development. JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Ltd is better known for its strategic approach as a leading property developer in Tambaram has always been praised and appreciated both in commercial and residential segments.


As a responsible organization we understand our ethical and business focus must always be towards working to maintain our distinguished history as well as to enhance our credibility by putting even higher standard quality to our offerings. We envision to continuously endeavoring strategically to strengthen ourselves as a dynamic and distinctive real estate development company in South Chennai. We envisage JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Limited as a prominent brand providing the comprehensive and complete range of integrated property development services to both commercial and residential projects. We deliver our services backed with modern innovations, and will keep the highest extent of quality policy to ensure outstanding services throughout. We will strive to keep our commitment towards quality, integrity and value creation to all customers above the commonly accepted extents. We will continue to streamline the processes of our offerings by keeping ourselves up to date with the latest tools and technologies, and by our path breaking innovations and unparalleled professionalism. We will implement best business practices that go beyond customers expectations.


We aim to establish JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Limited as a real estate brand that delivers supreme quality services at the most competitive prices. Our focus is to develop and deliver integrated lifestyle and workplace environments through our creatively engineered architectural excellence, emphatic motivation, strong project execution methodology, and through our customer centric approach. We exercise integrity in making every professional commitment in the interest of our valued clients, customers, and the profession. We strive for excellence and improvement, and we follow it as a consistent process. Also, we are ready to go the extra mile when it is aimed to bring more contentment to our clients', associates, customers, and the business' interests. We understand our responsibility towards the society we operate in, and for this reason we always aim to respect and comply with the industry standard safety, environmental and legal requirements. We are an equal opportunity employer that takes geographical diversity as versatility in talents. We aim to make our workplace safe and fun for all our employees.

About Us

JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Limited specialize in flat promotion & construction of residential villas in and around Chennai. For the last 18 years our focus has been customer centric – Providing great homes. With vast experience in this industry we know the market better in every aspect, so you are in the right hands for your property needs.
Real estate does not mean constructing or developing merely residential houses, villas, apartments, townships, or business complexes, it means building the emblems of modernity, tranquilly, sophistication, happiness and prosperity. For us, it means building landmarks and a better world altogether for a better today and tomorrow.
JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Limited are not the builders who build just buildings, we believe in carving a better world altogether. Whenever we have developed residential projects, we have created modern, sophisticated, and luxurious homes which are not merely properties, but the abode of happiness, prosperity, and tranquility.
JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Ltd is not confined to any specific segment of real estate development. Our operations span through almost all aspects of real estate, be it from residential to commercial projects, or from Villas to land development.


Our business philosophy lies in our commitment - the commitment to design and construct architectural excellence. It's not just about appearance, it's also about the use and application of ultra modern technologies, industry acclaimed tools, talents, and the best business practices. Moreover, we always stay focused to find an apt balance between cost and quality so that your real estate investment keeps making you proud of your possession.

Why JVC?

JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Ltd is a full-service real estate developer offering a wide array of property building and infrastructure development services in South Chennai. Our capabilities have consistently been honed by our innovative approach, and have eventually made us unequalled at various aspects of real estate development. We offer many competitive advantages to our clients. Some of them are mentioned below.

Well Researched And Updated Approach

As a fast growing real estate business group in South Chennai, we understand the significance of research in today's consistently changing consumer behavior and industry environment. Through our research and marketing wings, we always keep track of the following areas:

  • Changes in consumer behavior.
  • Innovation and technology.
  • Changes in regulatory policy.
  • Management

    Our core management and operation team consists of highly qualified professionals and innovators from the industry. While some are the leaders in the respective functional areas, some are innately blessed creative folks. For us, it means motivation, confidence, and the ability to deliver integrated solutions for what we promise every time, and for you, it means the assurance of our relentless focus on providing highest extents of quality and integrity through our services.

    Quality Policy

    We abide by and adhere to a strict-compliance quality policy, and it is deeply imbibed into core values. JVC hallmark Foundations Private Limited has continuously been winning the trust of customers which we credit primarily to our quality policy. Wherever needed we source products and services only from the industry accredited manufacturers and suppliers. Needless to say, it involves a rigorous process and consumes more of our resources, but give us direct benefits always. This is what sets us apart from our competitors and puts us among the fore front of real estate development companies in Tambaram today.


    We are a transparent organization which has already established itself as a trustworthy brand in Tambaram and will soon be expanding its reach to the next level. We work and have worked only with the best names, and it is known to the industry today.


    JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Limited assures 'construction excellence' in its each and every project. Our projects are implemented by Chennai’s best and largest engineering, construction and architect conglomerates only. No second bests for JVC Hallmark Foundations Private Limited. Our Engineers, Architects. Managers, Office Staffs, Contractors and Laborers are our biggest assets. Our team is a mix of experienced, well qualified & highly educated personal whom we work with to carry out our plans. Their care, knowledge and experience count towards every successful project that we have done.

    Our Marketing Consultants

    Our Agents & third party mediators play an importasnt role in marketing our flats to their valued customers & provide successful Marketing & Sales campaign. We work with many such professionals in promoting our Villas and Flats in Chennai.